Applying for Funding

Funding purposes.

The People Fund can provide financial assistance to individuals for emergency or special needs as such emergency funding for fire victims, or special equipment for the blind, paraplegic or others. It can provide clothing, food or shelter for those in dire circumstances. It is meant for emergency and one-time needs that can’t be met through other agencies.

For organizations, funding could be used for lifesaving equipment, educational programs, food banks, childcare programs or used to expand or add much-needed community programs.

Requests not funded.

The People Fund is not meant to pay past due electric or other types of past due bills. It is not intended to be a “sole source” of funding or provide standard operating expenses of already existing programs for organizations.

Funding considerations.

The Board of Directors looks at a variety of funding considerations when reviewing applications:

  • Is it a special or emergency need?
  • Are other sources of funding available for this request?
  • Is there financial need?
  • What is the benefit to the community, co-op members and the general service area?
  • What level of community support is there for this request?
  • Are they a co-op member?

Applications for funding.

Applications for funding are reviewed several times each year by the Consolidated Cooperative Foundation Board of Directors, who make all decisions about funding requests. To apply for a funding request, download the application below and return by mail, fax or email. Applications must be turned in to Amber Moreland, People Fund Administrator, one month prior to the quarterly board meeting. Please fax applications directly to Amber, 419-949-2959.

Program administrator contact information:

The 2018 board meeting dates are:

March 8, 2018
June 14, 2018
September 13, 2018
December 13, 2018

Individual or Family Application
Application Checklist
Organization/Agency Application