About Enlite Fiber

Fiber optics from one of Central Ohio’s most trusted leaders. The Enlite Fiber Optic Network represents a new body of fiber optic services founded out of the necessity and opportunity recognized by the leadership of Consolidated Electric Cooperative (CEC), an electric distribution cooperative serving the electric energy needs of nearly 16,000 members in eight counties of north central Ohio. CEC, a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, is a nonprofit, member-owned and controlled cooperative, which provides a wide variety of products and services through the cooperative, as well as its family of companies—Bright Energy Natural Gas Service, Consolidated Gas Cooperative Propane Service and The People Fund. The infrastructure in place for the Enlite Fiber Optic Network creates immediate opportunity for better connectivity in its service areas while remaining easily accessible for future expansion. The true purpose of this, of course, is to make better connections available to the public and private organizations within our service territory. One of the advantages that the Enlite Fiber Optic Network provides to carriers is that we are trusted, well-established leaders within the communities we serve. Those who work and reside within our service territory know that we put people first and seek to promote better connections to strengthen these communities on personal and professional levels. Contact us today to learn more about the Enlite Fiber Optic Network and what our services could mean for you.