Outage Notifications

All we need is your account number or meter number—and your cell phone number.

No need to call us. We’ll call you! If you’re a member of Consolidated Cooperative, we’ll let you know:

  • When your power goes out
  • The estimated time it will be back on
  • When your power’s back on

Standard text message rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile phone carrier


Life is busy, so let us do the work! When the power goes out, you don’t have to call us. We’ll call you.

Whether it’s a line that affects only your location, or a wider outage that impacts your neighbors, rest assured that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, if you’re registered to receive outage notifications, we will keep you apprised of the situation’s status.


Here’s how to sign up

It’s easy!

You will need your account number or your meter number – and your cell phone number.

  • Call our service specialists at 800-421-5863 or stop by the co-op
  • Sign up through SmartHub or Consolidated’s website link.

Want to know more? Here are some frequently asked questions.


What is Consolidated’s new Outage Status Notification service?

Consolidated Cooperative will notify you by text message when we are aware of a power outage at your location.


What information will the text message alert provide?

The initial text will acknowledge that Consolidated knows your power is out and/or let you know that a crew has been dispatched. An additional text will provide an estimated restoration time.

A final text will notify you that your power has been restored.


When will I receive the text message?

You will receive an alert typically within 15 minutes after the power goes out; however, there may be some circumstances where it will take longer for the notification to reach you.


Can more than one cell phone receive text messages about power outage alerts?

Yes. You can provide up to two cell phone numbers.


I have more than one electric account, and I would like to receive outage status notifications for all of them. What should I do?

Each account will need to be registered. You can sign up here or through SmartHub, or by calling our Service Specialists at 800-421-5863.


My power went out, but I didn’t receive a text message. Why?

It’s possible you may have accidentally replied STOP or Unsubscribed. If either of these is the case, you will no longer receive text message notifications and will need to sign up again through SmartHub or the notifications link or by calling our service specialists at 800-421-5863.


What if I receive a text message telling me I have an outage, but the power’s on at my location?

There will be a phone number in the text message, 866-567-2753, advising you to call us and let us know that you do in fact have power.


Why did I receive a notice informing me that my power was back on long after it was restored?

Although power might be restored at your location, you may not be notified until the entire line serving you and your neighbors is working again.


How can I be certain that I’m signed up to receive Outage Status Notifications?

You can check on our Outage Notifications portal, or log into your SmartHub account and click the Notifications tab to check your settings under Service. You can also call our Service Specialists at 800-421-5863.


Can I opt out of outage notifications after signing up?

Yes, of course, but we think you will really like the convenience of our new Outage Status Notification service. If you find that you want to opt out, make the change on the Outage Notifications portal, in SmartHub, or by calling 800-421-5863.