Rate Increase

An Important Message to Members

Dear Consolidated Cooperative Member,

Beginning in January 2019, you will see an increase in your electric bill—the first increase since 2014. Every few years, your not‐for‐profit cooperative analyzes costs and how our rates recover them. During the third quarter of 2018, an outside consultant was hired for this purpose. After a careful review of the results, the cooperative’s management and board of trustees recommended an increase in 2019 to ensure continued, reliable delivery of the electric service you have come to expect.

Since the cooperative’s last rate increase five years ago, the Consumer Price Index has grown by nearly 8%. As is the case with most organizations and households, we are paying more for everything—from the actual purchase of electricity to operating costs.

Consolidated is not governed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), but we voluntarily adhere to their strict guidelines for providing service. As a not‐for‐profit cooperative, for more than 80 years we have served the community with cost‐based rates. We have a unique perspective on the steps needed to ensure the co‐op’s continued health and success well into the future.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Consolidated’s upcoming rate increase. We will be in touch during the coming weeks with full details.


Phil Caskey, President & CEO
Larry Roof, Chairman

Q & A (This is a running Q&A and Consolidated will update weekly)

Why are you not sharing the amount of the increase now?

It is always our intention to be transparent with our membership. As soon as our trustees made the decision to implement the rate increase based on a thorough cost analysis, we wanted to communicate this information to you. We do not yet know the exact rate of the increase, but we will communicate it with you as soon as we have it—within the next few weeks.

Would it be helpful to stop sending members the monthly magazine, in order to save money.  

Our monthly magazine costs members just over $4 per year and it is our main avenue of communicating to our members.

Does the issuance of low interest loans (Revolving Loan Fund) through the cooperative for new businesses have an impact on rates?

Consolidated Cooperative does not use member money. It is money obtained from a USDA grant.

Didn’t we have an increase in 2014 in the service fee of $30.00 per month and the consumption tax?

The service fee and consumption tax have always been elements included in the bill. Prior to November of 2017, these items were included with other charges in the “Distribution Services” line of the bill. The fee and tax amounts were not increased at that time, just brought out  as separate line items on the bill.


The more you know!

It’s something we don’t think much about, but we use it every day. Check out this infographic link below that highlights the various ways we use electricity throughout our day. You’ll be surprised at the value it brings to our lives!

Value of Electricity Infographic

If you have questions about the rate increase, please contact one of our offices listed below.
Corporate Office
5255 State Route 95
P.O. Box 111
Mount Gilead, OH 43338
Phone: (419) 947-3055
Fax: (419) 947-3082

District Office
4993 State Route 521
Delaware, OH 43015-8766
Phone: (740) 363-2641
Fax: (740) 369-1804
Toll Free: (800) 421-5863

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