Storm Resources

Consolidated offers resources when preparing for a storm:


  • Downed power lines can be extremely dangerous! A downed power line could be energized. To avoid serious injury or even death, stay clear of all downed power lines. Keep others, including your pets, away from the line and do not try to touch, move or repair a downed power line. If you encounter a downed power line, call Consolidated at 800-421-5863.
  • If you are an electric member and if you experience a power outage, please call our outage reporting service at 866-567-2753.
  • If you are a natural gas or propane member of Consolidated Gas and if you experience a gas emergency or damage to your service, please exit the area and move to a safe distance before placing a call to our control center at 866-946-6600  
  • If you have a smart phone or the ability to receive texts during a power outage, sign up for our outage texting service by visiting the outage texting registration page. Call the Consolidated office FIRST to register your cell phone number, 800-421-5863.
  • You can also sign up for Outage Notifications, click here for more information
  • For an up-to-the-minute outage map and outage count, please visit    
  • If utilizing an emergency generator, please take a moment to review these generator safety tips. It is very important to operate your generator properly to avoid dangerous backfeeding that could potentially injure you and/or a utility lineworker.  
  • Be extra cautious if you go outside to inspect for damage after a storm. Downed or hanging electrical wires can be hidden by trees or debris and could be live. Never attempt to touch or move downed lines. Keep children and pets away from them. Make sure you always have a well-stocked home emergency supply kit that includes flashlights, portable radio, extra batteries, a first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable food and a manual can opener.
  • Check with elderly or disabled relatives and neighbors to ensure their safety.
  • If you are in need of assistance please call 211 for information on community assistance such as food, water, shelter and cooling stations. If you have an emergency please call 911.  
  • Ensure that your Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are working correctly and have fresh batteries. Check your outside fuel exhaust vents, making sure that they are not obstructed. Never use cooking equipment intended for outside use indoors as a heat source or cooking device.  
  • If your water supply could be affected by a power outage (a well-water pump system), fill your bathtub and spare containers with water. Water in the bathtub should be used for sanitation purposes only, not as drinking water. Pouring a pail of water from the tub directly into the bowl can flush a toilet.  
  • During an outage, do not open the refrigerator or freezer door. Food can stay cold in a full refrigerator for up to 24 hours, and in a well-packed freezer for 48 hours (24 hours if it is half-packed). If you have medication that requires refrigeration, check with your pharmacist for guidance on proper storage during an extended outage.  
  • In order to protect against possible voltage irregularities that can occur when power is restored, you should unplug all sensitive electronic equipment, including your TV, stereo, VCR, microwave oven, computer, cordless telephone, answering machine and garage door opener. Be sure to leave one light on, so you will know when power is restored.  
  • Review the process for manually opening an electric garage door.
  • Consolidated works hard to deliver the highest level of reliability to our members, but sometimes storms, animals, vehicular accidents and other circumstances out of our control leave members without power. Having that in mind, we would like to share with you the sequence of how the cooperative restores power during outages. View Steps to Restoring an Outage.