Winning ad for safety

Buckeye Valley West was the big winner during Consolidated Cooperative’s annual Safety Whiz Kid electric safety ad design contest.

The school had the most participants for the student-designed safety ads, and the contest’s overall winner, Nora Cobb, is a second-grade student in Mrs. Prine’s class at Buckeye Valley West. To make things even more exciting, this was Buckeye Valley West’s first year to participate in Consolidated Cooperative’s Safety Whiz Kid contest.

Nora received a book bag and a gift card to purchase all the school supplies she will need for third grade.

Consolidated is proud that participation continues to grow each year for this fun and educational program. This year, Consolidated visited nine schools and 35 classrooms, with more than 500 second-grade students creating safety ads.

The Safety Whiz Kid program was created to enhance electric safety awareness among elementary students. As part of the program, Consolidated Cooperative offers the ad design contest to second-graders in the co-op’s local school districts. Each student is provided a template to use to submit their ads.

Also, last year for the first time, students were invited to submit ads to promote safety awareness for propane and natural gas.

If teachers are interested in having their students participate in future Safety Whiz Kid contests, for more information please email: safetywhizkid@