Consolidated Continues to Suspend Disconnection of Services

Members’ financial hardships related to COVID-19 drive decision 

Consolidated’s leadership team announced today that for the remainder of the COVID-19 crisis, the co-op will continue its policy of suspending disconnections and waiving late fees due to non-payment. 

On March 19, Consolidated temporarily halted disconnections of all of its services. At that time, the co-op committed to work with members impacted by the coronavirus by offering flexible payment plans and waiving late fees for 30 days.  

“We do not want our members who are experiencing financial hardship to worry about losing vital services and incurring late fees during this challenging period, and we will continue to suspend disconnections for the foreseeable future,” said Consolidated’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Jones. “We are also continuing to look for other ways to support member needs during this time,” he added.   

Although Consolidated is offering flexible payment arrangements for those who need it, it’s important to note that members are still ultimately responsible for paying their bills. Therefore, it’s recommended that members who may be experiencing financial difficulties make any payment amount they can. “It will help them avoid a larger repayment amount when this situation ends,” Jones explained.  

Members who require a payment arrangement should contact Consolidated’s member services team as soon as possible. The number is 800-421-5863.