About Us

Since 1996, when Delaware Rural Electric Cooperative and Morrow Electric Cooperative combined to become Consolidated Electric Cooperative, our purpose has been to improve the quality of life of our members and communities by providing high-value energy and telecommunication services (utility service) in environmentally responsible ways.

Today, the co-op is now called Consolidated Cooperative. We have 15,900 electric members, 18,000 meters—and serve eight counties in north central Ohio. We are owned and controlled by our members and ensure they all have a voice in the operation of the cooperative through their elected trustees.

Under the umbrella of Consolidated Cooperative, our electric, internet, natural gas, and propane services are called Consolidated Electric, Consolidated Fiber, and Consolidated Gas.

Consolidated Cooperative is tireless in serving our members, prioritizing systems designed to work without interruption and enhance the quality of life in your homes and communities. Our mission is to make life better for you – our members, our friends, and neighbors, and the people who live in our communities. This is the reason Consolidated exists. Always has been, always will be.

Consolidated. Light up your life.