Cool Returns and Peak Alerts

What’s a peak alert, and why does it apply to me?

A “peak alert” occurs when the co-op is dangerously close to demanding more electric power than we’ve ever used before. When demand reaches a new peak, it also sets a new, higher price we have to pay for electricity. Because Consolidated is a not-for-profit cooperative, we have no choice but to pass those costs on to members.

To help avoid a new peak — and a new price — we ask our members to voluntarily reduce their electricity use during times we estimate will have high demand, typically early in the morning on days that are extremely cold and blustery (when we’re getting up and ready for work and school), and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on extremely hot and humid evenings (when we’re coming home and cooking dinner, doing homework and chores, etc.).

You might hear an announcement on the radio or see a notice on Facebook or Twitter, but on those bitterly cold or oppressively hot days, you don’t need to a peak alert to help out. These are small ways you can reduce your electricity use:

  • Change your thermostat by just a few degrees.
  • Turn off lights and appliances you aren’t using.
  • Delay doing laundry or running the dishwasher until later in the evening.
  • If it’s summer, take advantage of using the outdoor grill to keep cooking heat outside.

By helping to avoid peak demanding and pricing, you’re helping to keep electric rates lower for yourself and your fellow members. Consolidated Co-op thanks you!

Get Cool Returns for helping to reduce electric load

Take your participation one step further by participating in Consolidated Co-op’s Cool Returns program. Call 800-421-5863 for more information.