Consolidated is dedicated to communicating updates to our membership during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Below you will find the most current member announcements and a FAQ. We will continue to update the FAQ as we receive additional information.

If you should have any questions related to Consolidated’s operations, the health and safety of our employees, or billing and payments please do not hesitate to call us, 800-421-5863 or email us at

Be sure to check your emails, our social media, and this site regularly for updates. Please note that if your email has changed, or you do not have an email on file, it is important to share that with us for these important updates.


  • Consolidated adjusts business procedures.

    As businesses develop new procedures during a pandemic that continues to linger, Consolidated Cooperative is doing its part to help reduce community spread of COVID-19 and keep members and employees safe … Read more

  • Consolidated expands business hours for the Mt. Gilead location.

    As business returns to a new version of normalcy following the slowdown of the coronavirus outbreak, Consolidated has re-opened the Mt. Gilead office for bill payment and account inquiries only, during the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m, Monday-Friday. … Read more

  • Consolidated Cooperative’s Mt. Gilead Office Launches Limited Hours.

    As business returns to a new version of normalcy following the slowdown of the coronavirus outbreak, Consolidated is re-opening the Mt. Gilead office with limited hours. The Delaware office will remain closed until further notice. … Read more

  • COVID Update – A Message to Consolidated Cooperative’s Members.

    Consolidated is following the guidance of Governor Mike DeWine as we begin the planning process for returning to our “new” regular course of business following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read more

  • Some Industry Segments are Returning to Work; Consolidated Continues its Mission.

    Following Gov. Mike DeWine’s press conference Monday afternoon, where he discussed plans to gradually reopen Ohio’s economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Consolidated Cooperative’s offices remain closed to the public … Read more

  • 2020 Annual Meeting to be held virtually

    Consolidated Cooperative is committed to maintaining the health and safety of our members and employees, and we are taking significant measures to protect ourcommunity from COVID-19. Based on Governor Mike DeWine’s directive regarding the coronavirus, the board of trustees at Consolidated Cooperative has decided this years’s annual meeting will be held virtually…. Read more

  • Consolidated offers free Wifi

    In this time of crisis, our commitment to our communities is stronger than ever. We recognize that these are extraordinary times that call for all of us to respond with compassion and action. For that reason, Consolidated Cooperative will be offering free WiFi in certain outdoor locations across the counties we serve … Read more

  • Give us a shout, don’t run out!

    For our Consolidated Propane Gas members:  If you are low on propane, we ask that you check your tank and call if you’re low, so you do not run out of propane. For the safety of you and your family as well as our employees, please watch your propane gas level to prevent running … Read more

  • Consolidated closes offices to the public

    Consolidated is committed to the health and safety of our employees, members, and communities. Due to the potential impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our offices will be closed to the public until further notice. Please note that while we are restricting public access, it is business as usual internally, as our employees are still here … Read more


If Consolidated employees are working from home, what does this mean for my electric, gas, and fiber services?  

Our goal is for you to not even notice a difference, but our employees are working from home, so you may hear background noise that you normally wouldn’t hear. Please allow for occasional interruptions. Consolidated is well positioned for remote and virtual work arrangements, in part because severe weather has forced a portion of our workforce to do so in the past. We also take advantage of modern technologies, as part of our business continuity plan, to make sure that no matter what happens, your lights will stay on, your gas will flow, and your fiber will continue to stream.

How long will your Delaware office be closed to the public?   

We are taking things one step at a time. The health and safety of our members and employees is of the utmost importance; a gradual re-opening of our office helps us in determining our next steps. Please continue to check your emails, social media, and our website for updates. Or, call us at 800-421-5863.    

The Delaware office is still closed. I can’t drive to the Mt. Gilead office, and I don’t have the ability pay online — what should I do?   

You can still use the night drop box at each office, Mt. Gilead’s will be checked daily, but Delaware’s only on Mondays and Fridays. Please DO NOT put cash into the drop box. Instead, you can use a check or money order. Cash payments can be sent through local MoneyGram locations. You can access these at most Kroger and Walmart stores.  If you have an internet connection, you can also use Visa gift cards to pay online.

When will Consolidated begin reinstating disconnections and late payment fees?    

We resumed disconnects and late fee policies on July 13, 2020. Please know we did not assess late fees to the balance deferred during the pandemic crisis.    

If I receive a disconnect notice, does this mean I will be expected to pay a large amount immediately to avoid a disconnect?    

No. Consolidated will work with you to develop an extended payment plan. However, we strongly encourage you to contact us now if you are having difficulty paying your bill, or if you anticipate difficulty paying your bill in the coming months. We’re here to help, but the most important thing you can do is let us know that you need our help. Please contact us at 800-421-5863 during normal business hours.   

Did the temporary disconnect suspension mean we still had to pay our bill?   

Yes — we suspended disconnects, but continued billing. We are your co-op, and we are here for you. Our service specialists can set up payment arrangements to help pay your bill.   

What does this mean for pre-pay members?  

We will work with you to formulate a repayment plan. Any kind of payment is helpful, and please keep in touch with our member service specialists throughout this time so that we can help you.

How can I help a member in need with their utility bills?  

We have extended our Holiday Utility Gift (HUG) program. You can buy a HUG and credit the utility account of any Consolidated Cooperative member of your choice, or you can choose to give an anonymous gift and Consolidated will allocate the gift to a member. 

You can download the form here and mail it or drop it off in one of our drop boxes. They can be purchased in any denomination.    

Will you continue to provide energy audits for future dates?  

At this time, we have suspended energy audit visits, please call to put your name on our waiting list and we will call you to schedule an appointment when we resume this service. Your energy advisor is available by email and phone for any energy questions you may have.   

Have fiber installations halted due to COVID-19?   

We are continuing to install fiber in active zones. Although due to COVID-19, we are no longer entering your home to complete the inside portion of the installation. Our team has successfully implemented a self-install procedure and is happy to report we have maintained business as usual in doing so.

What steps have you taken to ensure the safety of members’ health during in-house fiber installations?    

To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep our employees and members safe, Consolidated Fiber is making every attempt to perform work without going into homes or small businesses. Our team has successfully implemented a self-install procedure and is happy to report we have maintained business as usual in doing so. Service technicians still arrive on-site at a scheduled time, maintain a safe distance, deliver your equipment, and then walk you through the setup over the phone to easily set up devices and activate services.    

Where are we with fiber now that the push has grown?    

We realize that it’s never been more important for you to have a fast and reliable internet service. Many of us are now working from home, and our children are attending school online. To help Consolidated’s members who don’t have reliable internet service, as well as others in your communities without this service, the co-op is offering free WiFi service in outdoor locations across our service territory. Map photos of these locations can be viewed here.

Consolidated continues to connect members to our broadband network. We have been working in areas where the co-op has already made significant investments in engineering, infrastructure, and equipment. As we add new areas, if you happen to be in one of these areas, we will notify you when it’s time to sign up. In the meantime, we will continue to update members on our fiber deployment progress as we work toward a solution. We encourage you to contact our service specialists at 800-421-5863 with questions or concerns.    

What is the best way for me to stay connected for updates from Consolidated?   

The best way to stay connected is to make sure we have your email address on file. You can call us at 800-421-5863 or email to have a service specialist add your email address to your account information. You can sign up for SmartHub, our online bill payment portal, which also has a messenger feature. We use this feature to communicate with our members during events like this or weather emergencies. 

Do I have to enter my financial information on SmartHub to receive communication through the messenger feature?  

No. You do not have to use our online payment tool to receive messages through the messenger feature. You also have the choice to opt out of messenger communications at any time.    

I received a suspicious call from Consolidated’s phone number and someone claiming to be from Consolidated. What should I do?  

Spamming and scamming is at an all-time high. Consolidated Cooperative members have reported receiving suspicious calls. If you get a call from someone claiming to represent Consolidated and they make threats or demand immediate payment, hang up and call us directly at 800-421-5863.

Consolidated will never leave messages about past-due bills on your answering machine. We do make robocalls, but if we miss you, we’ll simply ask you to call our office, and we’ll never leave personal information or ask you to provide yours. At this time, members should also be on the lookout for suspicious emails or people impersonating Consolidated employees, or other types of utility employees. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of opportunities when households are otherwise preoccupied.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. 

updated 08-04-2020