Vegetation Management

Protecting People, Trees, and Power Lines

As a certified TreeLine USA utility, our goal is to provide safe, reliable utility service while also supporting abundant, healthy trees.

We know that trees play an important role in  the health and beauty of our communities, so we are committed to best practices that protect them while we work. Our process involves pruning back branches and other vegetation to keep rights-of-way clear and removing trees that are dangerously close to falling on a power line or pole.  

Why does vegetation management matter?


Not only does proper vegetation management help keep our line crews safe while they are performing maintenance or repairs, it also helps keep our members safe. When we prune trees, it helps prevent system damage, downed power lines, and other hazards.

We ask that members never attempt to clear trees or branches on or around powerlines. Electric utility lines carry high voltage that can cause serious harm or death if you are not working in the right way or with the right equipment.

Consolidated is committed to the safety of our employees, members, and communities, and we use qualified line-clearance contractors who are specially trained for this work. If you see a tree or branch getting close to one of our lines, do not attempt to prune or remove it yourself. Call us at 800-421-5863 for help.


Trees are a leading cause of electric blinks and outages, especially when we face rain, snow, ice, lightning, and/or high winds. If trees are allowed to grow too close to powerlines, they can cause serious damage and lengthy outages. One of the best ways to reduce power interruptions is to maintain adequate clearance between trees and overhead powerlines.

Proper vegetation management also helps our crews restore outages more efficiently and safely. When our rights-of-way are well maintained, it is easier for personnel and equipment to access the poles and lines that need to be repaired.

Our vegetation program runs on a four-year cycle, and we aim to clear about 310 miles of power lines each year. This program has made a major impact on our power reliability, and we have significantly reduced the number of outages caused by tree limbs or other overgrown vegetation.

Vegetation Management Resources

Planting Guidelines

Consolidated’s Pruning Practices

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