Generator Safety Switches

Easier, safer generator use

Do you have a backup generator? Consolidated Cooperative offers a standby switch that makes your backup generator safer and more convenient to use during an outage.

Consolidated Cooperative offers a generator standby switch* that mounts behind your electric meter. The switch allows you to safely connect a portable generator without having to run extension cords throughout your home to appliances.

Once the generator is plugged in, the standby switch disconnects your home from the electric grid and connects it to the generator. Then you can control the appliances you want to use by flipping the breakers in your existing electrical panel. No special wiring is needed for 100- or 200-amp residential electrical service.

Disconnecting from the grid also keeps you—and the linemen working to get your power back on—safe from electrocution. Without a switch for safety, electricity can flow back onto the grid, endangering linemen.

You can choose a standby switch with surge protection, to project the major appliances in your home, or without. Cords are available at an additional price, depending upon length desired.

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*While supplies last; delivery may take 4-6 weeks.

Generator Safety Switches

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