Qualifications for Trustee Nominations

Seats on Consolidated’s board of trustees are designated by geographic area. To run, a position must be available in your area. This year, districts 7, 8, and 9 are participating in the election process.  

According to page 8 of Consolidated’s Code of Regulations, no member shall be eligible to become or remain a member of the board who: 

  1. Is not a bona fide member; or 
  1. Has not been a member of the Cooperative for at least three (3) most recent prior years; or 
  1. Has been convicted of, is pleading, or has pled guilty to a felony; or  
  1. Is not the designated representative of a firm, association, corporation, partnership, body politic or subdivision thereof which is a bona fide member; or 
  1. Is not a bona fide resident in the particular district within the service area of the Cooperative which such member is to represent; or 
  1. Is in any way employed by, has been an employee within the previous five (5) years, or who has a controlling financial interest in a business that sells or provides a material amount of commodities, products, or services to the Cooperative or any subsidiary of the Cooperative. 
  1. Is not willing or able to carry out the functions of a Board member, including having sound business judgment and the commitment to spend time and effort necessary to become knowledgeable about the utility business.  
  1. Is not willing to attend training and education seminars toward becoming a Credentialed Cooperative Director designation or similar certification from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) within three years of becoming a Board member; as well as 

1. Maintain ongoing continuing education by attending at least one NRECA training class per year.  

2. Attend training and education seminars toward obtaining Board Leadership Certificate or similar certification from NRECA. 

  1. Is not willing to permit the Cooperative to install in-home computer and Internet equipment to learn how to operate such equipment for the purpose of transacting Cooperative business.  
  1. Is not willing to understand and follow fiduciary responsibilities including being loyal to the Cooperative, obeying such duties as maintaining confidential information, and be willing to fully disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and also deal with fellow Board members in good faith and fair play.  
  1. Is not willing to understand that he/she represents the best interest of the Cooperative program and Consolidated Cooperative and its membership as a whole on an objective and impartial basis, and not just those in his or her district or in a specific rate class.