Consolidated board votes to sell commercial fiber business; residential fiber internet is unaffected

Consolidated Cooperative’s board of trustees has approved the sale of the cooperative’s enterprise fiber business, which provides fiber network services to about 75 local schools, hospitals, and commercial organizations, to Horizon, an Ohio-based telecommunications provider. The sale does not include Consolidated’s residential fiber internet services and does not affect residential fiber customers. 

Horizon will purchase the enterprise fiber business and two-thirds of the fiber network. Consolidated will retain one-third of the fiber network to continue growing its residential fiber internet services and support its electric operations. 

“The board’s primary goal is always to serve the best interests of our fellow member-owners,” board Chairman Don Breece said. “We’re very confident in Horizon’s ability to expand on the mission we started — providing services that will improve the quality of life for our members and help our communities thrive.” 

Consolidated initiated enterprise fiber services in 2009. Residential fiber internet was launched in 2017 and is a separate business. 

“The enterprise fiber business has exceeded our goals and expectations for it, which were primarily to improve our electric operations, set us up to offer broadband internet service in the future, and help to pay for all that by selling capacity to third parties,” Consolidated President and CEO Phil Caskey said. “We determined the best path forward for Consolidated, our members, and our communities is to focus on growing our electric, gas, and residential fiber internet services. Selling our commercial fiber business to Horizon will allow us to do that, and we know Horizon will continue to provide outstanding service to commercial organizations in our region.”  

Consolidated’s current commercial fiber customers will not see any interruption in their service; Horizon will continue to serve customers according to their contracts. 

About the enterprise fiber business sale 

Is Consolidated continuing to offer fiber internet to residential members? 

Yes, Consolidated is continuing its residential fiber construction. The sale does not affect residential services. The board of trustees will approve the 2022 work plan this fall. 

How does the enterprise fiber business sale affect electric or gas members? 

Electric, gas, and residential fiber services are unaffected by the sale. 

How can local businesses get fiber network services now? 

Horizon will add two-thirds of Consolidated’s fiber network to its existing Ohio network, allowing it to extend north through other parts of the state. Local businesses may be able to explore fiber service options with Horizon

How can Consolidated continue to offer home internet if they’re selling their fiber network? 

Consolidated is retaining one-third of our fiber network, which is plenty to continue growing our residential fiber internet offerings and improve our electric operations. 

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