Consolidated Cooperative announces no disconnections during COVID-19 pandemic

Consolidated recognizes the COVID-19 pandemic could result in unexpected financial hardships for our members. So, we have decided to temporarily suspend disconnects for all Consolidated services that are due to non-payment. In addition, we will work to offer flexible payment plans and waive late fees for 30 days to those members who indicate an impact of hardship due to COVID-19.  

We do not want our members to have to worry about losing vital services and incurring late fees given the importance of those services in preventing the spread of the virus. We will continue to look for ways to support member needs during the pandemic. 

We ask that you understand that you will still be responsible for paying your bill, we are offering this as a way to help any member through this time of potential hardship.  Please contact our member services team to work out a payment arrangement, 800-421-5863.