Consolidated launches podcasts

We’ve begun a new thing. Consolidated Cooperative now has a podcast called, “Consolidated Connections.”  

We’re a little new at this, and we’re just getting started, but we’re excited to offer another way for you to learn about Consolidated Cooperative and its services. We hope you enjoy our first two episodes. We have many more in store for you. Please feel free to add comments or feedback in the comments section. Thanks for tuning in!  Click to listen…

Episode One 

Help! I can’t pay my electric bill!  

This episode features a discussion with a Senior Service Specialist, about various programs available to help take some of the sting out of your monthly utility bills. With winter heating season at our doorstep, don’t wait! Now is the time to prepare to meet those gas and electric bills head on.  

Episode Two 

Keeping your lights on 

It looks easy enough. Just flick a switch and there’s light. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Consolidated’s Chief Operating Officer will start at the beginning and give listeners a 101 course on where the co-op gets its electricity, and how it eventually makes its way to the co-op’s members.