Energy Advising

Whether you need general tips or one-on-one assistance, Consolidated Cooperative has you covered. Our online library has advice for any energy efficiency need: building a new home, remodeling, purchasing new appliances, weatherproofing, and more.

Prefer a conversation? Call Consolidated Energy Advisor Roger Keller. Roger can conduct a complete home energy audit, customized for your home, for just $25 – that’s a savings of hundreds of dollars compared to rates offered by independent contractors. And because Consolidated is not-for-profit and owned by you, our members, we’re here to offer unbiased advice that’s in your best interest.

Requesting an Energy Audit

To request a home energy audit, call Consolidated at 800-421-5863 or fill out the form below. When calling, please have ready a list of your energy efficiency questions and concerns. Roger will have a phone consultation with you first, and then he’ll determine if your home needs a full 75-point audit.

Energy Advising

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