Consolidated returns $10,445 to Northmor Local Schools

As a not-for-profit cooperative, Consolidated returns “capital credits” to members. That means the co-op’s margins, or the money that’s left at the end of the year after expenses are paid, are allocated to the members of the cooperative. The amount of capital credits a member receives is based on how much electricity is purchased in a year. Consolidated keeps the money for a number of years to offset unexpected expenses, such as storm damage, or to use as general operating funds. That helps Consolidated avoid taking loans or having high-interest rates, which saves members money.  

All members receive returns in proportion to the amount of power they used in a certain prior year. Northmor Schools recently received $10,445 in capital credits returns. District Superintendent Chad Redmon says the money will go to the school’s general fund. “These dollars are greatly appreciated and will benefit our students and staff directly,” says Redmon.