Tips for Ivy

We want IVY to grow on you – in a good way. Payment card industry laws require that our service specialists cannot accept credit card numbers or checking account information over the phone. Those transactions are now handled by our Interactive Voice Response system, also known as IVY.

  • Have your account number and form of payment ready.
  • If you’re paying by check, have your bank’s routing and
    account numbers handy. These are easy to mix up, so make
    sure you know which number is the routing number and which is the account number.
  • If paying by credit card, you will need the three-digit security code on the back of the card.
  • We do not accept American Express credit cards.
  • Try to call from the phone number currently on file. When IVY recognizes you, you’ll get to your account faster. (Remember to update us if your phone number changes.).
  • If you have multiple account numbers, it is best to phone in separately to pay each account – even if all are reflected on one invoice with one total amount due.
  • In these situations, please have each account number handy to ensure that payment is properly credited. With multiple accounts, your account number – not your phone number – is the way to work with IVY.
  • Patience is key. Listen carefully and follow her instructions, and IVY will take you right where you need to go.
  • The zip code that’s asked for is the billing zip code of your Consolidated account.
  • If you’re a propane customer, your account number is the set of numbers on your gas delivery invoice after the hyphen.
  • Call us at 800-421-5863 for assistance. We are happy to review options and help you choose the best method for paying your utility bill.