New service/installation

Consolidated Cooperative is here for all your energy needs. Call us at 800-421-5863 to transfer service at your new residence or business, or to find out if Consolidated serves your location with natural gas.

New service – installation

To have your natural gas service installed quickly and efficiently, follow the guidelines below.

When requesting gas service, please have the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Exact address and description of the location at which service is requested
  • Type of occupancy, such as residence (single or multiple), commercial, church, school, industrial, municipal, or other public use
  • Contemplated use of gas, such as space heating, air conditioning, water heating, cooking, incineration, clothes drying, grilling, commercial and/or industrial processes
  • Gas pressure required
  • Estimated date gas service will be required.



Consolidated Cooperative reserves the right to determine the location of the meter set assembly.

Fuel Gas Code

The National Fuel Gas Code (ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54) shall be followed. It is a national standard, and will be the basis for Consolidated Cooperative’s inspection, testing, and/or approval for house lines and appliances. (Qualified persons should be contacted to convert or change out any propane gas appliance to be used with Natural gas.)

Other codes, such as the International Fuel Gas Code, may be enforced by local building code inspectors, and adherence to them for those inspectors may be required. The more stringent code must always be followed. When in doubt, contact Consolidated Cooperative and the Authority having jurisdiction to clarify before proceeding with the work.

Manufactured Homes Part 3280

The Code of Federal Regulations Title 24, Housing and Urban Development Part 3280, “Manufactured

Home Construction and Safety Standards”; Consolidated Cooperative policies and procedures; and local codes shall be followed and will be the basis for Consolidated Cooperative inspection, testing, and/or approval of Manufactured Homes.

Before the gas meter will be hung on the prefabricated meter setting, the house line piping must be connected to the prefabricated meter setting outlet, and there must be at least one appliance drop with a plugged appliance valve. In addition, the following conditions must be met:

House line piping connecting to the meter setting shall:

  1. be a minimum of Schedule 40 steel pipe,
  2. be securely anchored inside the structure to support the piping and meter setting
  3. be sealed to be rain and insect resistant,
  4. terminates 2’-3’ above finished grade
  5. extend through the outside wall 4-6 inches for piping smaller than 2 inches diameter