Why choose natural gas?

Interested in converting to natural gas? Use this calculator to determine how much you might save by converting from propane, and then learn about why natural gas is a wise long-term choice for your home or business.

Naturally abundant 
North America is in the midst of a dramatic natural gas supply surge, thanks to recent technical advances that allow us to extract natural gas from shale, tight sands and coal seam reserves. That means we have more supply available within North America than previously projected, with current estimates pointing to more than 100 years’ worth of production capacity. That’s also helped to bring costs down, making natural gas one of the more affordable forms of home heating.

Naturally clean and efficient
Natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient of all conventional fuels, with very little waste generated from the point of production through end-use consumption. About 90 percent of natural gas’ energy value is delivered directly to consumers.

Naturally versatile
Natural gas works hard for North America, generating electricity, powering our manufacturing plants, providing raw material for a range of products, heating homes and fueling transportation. Natural gas is also an excellent complement to renewable technologies such as wind and solar, providing low-emission backup generation when needed.

Naturally reliable 
Natural gas is energy we can count on, day in and day out. When the sun’s not shining or the wind’s not blowing, plentiful supplies of natural gas are available for immediate dispatch, via an existing delivery system of interstate pipelines that is interconnected, efficient, expandable and highly reliable.

Source: http://www.spectraenergy.com