Keep-full Service

Consolidated Cooperative offers keep-full service to help you avoid an empty tank.

With keep-full service, we estimate your use based on the propane appliances you have, the weather, and your use history. Before your tank hits “E,” based on our estimate, Consolidated technicians will refill your tank when they’re in your area. Then you’ll receive a bill for the fill.

Our goal is to never let your tank run out, but should you add another propane appliance or increase your normal use, your tank could empty. We ask you to periodically check the gauge on the tank, and if it’s below 20%, please call Consolidated at 800-421-5863 to schedule a delivery.

To sign up for keep-full service, call Consolidated at 800-421-5863 or fill out the form below. A customer service representative will confirm your enrollment via phone or email.

Keep Full Service

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