Gas Checks

Consolidated Cooperative puts the safety of you and your family first. That’s why we perform a GAS Check on your appliances when a propane tank is installed or if you run out of propane.

We don’t take chances with your safety, and you shouldn’t either. Here’s what to do if your propane tank runs empty:

  1. Turn off the control valves on all gas appliances.
  2. Turn off the shut-off valve on the propane tank.
  3. Call Consolidated at (800) 421-5863 to tell us that you ran out of propane and to arrange for delivery.
  4. Don’t turn the gas back on yourself. Let a Consolidated technician do it. He or she will run a GAS Check on your appliances to make sure they and your system are operating properly and are free of leaks.

REMEMBER that a pilot light is a safety device. If you have trouble keeping it lit, the appliance may have a problem that requires a service technician to correct.