New Program: Custom Bill Videos

Energy use often fluctuates from month to month, especially as seasons change. You may not always notice that you are using more energy until you get a bill that is higher than usual.

Our new custom bill video program is designed to help you understand spikes in your energy use and avoid unexpected energy costs in the future! As we send out energy bills each month, we will email a customized video to any member whose bill went up by $25 or more since the previous month.

These automated videos will be tailored to each individual member and provide insight that helps you understand why your energy use increased.

Don’t miss your custom videos! 

There are two steps to ensure that you receive your custom video if your energy bill qualifies:

  1. Make sure that we have your correct, up-to-date email address on file. You can update your contact information on your Consolidated SmartHub account, or by calling us at 800-421-5863. 
  2. Add our email address to your contacts to ensure that your videos won’t go to spam. These videos will arrive in your email inbox from this address:

Additional Resources 

If you are looking for more resources to help you save energy and money this year, check out our Energy Efficiency Resources. We offer calculators, tracking tools, rebates, and more to help you stay in control of your energy use. 

Our members are automatically enrolled in our new high-bill notification program; you do not need to sign up.