Your spare change truly can change lives by benefiting people in need in our community. We thank all those who participate in Operation Round Up and The People Fund, and we applaud your efforts to help make our community a better place to live for children, families, neighbors and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The People Fund?
The People Fund is a community service program that provides funding for charitable and benevolent purposes for individuals, families and organizations in our community.

What are the funds used for?
Funding might be used to help provide shelter, food or clothing to a family devastated by a fire, or it might go toward helping defray the cost of a special wheelchair for a neighbor who can’t afford one. Funds could also go to help a fire department obtain critical, lifesaving equipment or to rescue organizations, food banks, educational projects or libraries, child care programs and many, many others.

Where does the money come from?
The majority of the funding for The People Fund comes from Operation Round Up®. Additional funding comes from fundraisers such as raffles, special events, and donations.

What is Operation Round Up?
Operation Round Up is a program adopted by hundreds of electric cooperatives throughout the country. This program rounds up your monthly bill to the next highest dollar, with the change going into The People Fund. For example, a $64.79 bill would be rounded to $65.00 and the 21 cents would be donated to The People Fund. For the average consumers, that equates to about 50 cents a month or about $6 a year.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, all donations to The People Fund are tax deductible.

Who manages the program?
The People Fund is managed by the nonprofit Consolidated Cooperative Foundation, which is governed by a five-member board, independent of the Consolidated Cooperative boards. The foundation board is composed of leaders in our community who volunteer their time and expertise to help manage this important program.

How do I (or someone else) apply for assistance?
Download an application and find guidelines here, or you can get an application from one of our offices. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but decisions are made at quarterly meetings.

Who makes funding decisions?
The Consolidated Cooperative Foundation board of directors reviews each request and makes all funding decisions.

Why should I participate in Operation Round Up?
Your pennies, nickels and dimes can help raise thousands of dollars a year that will be used to help people right here in your community. Every single penny of your contribution is tax deductible and goes toward helping others.

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