Phone service

If you’re a Consolidated Fiber customer, we have some exciting news! We are now offering residential phone service through your Consolidated Fiber internet service.

If you’re already enjoying Consolidated Fiber’s broadband internet, call us today 800- 421-5863 for Consolidated Fiber’s phone service. Give yourself the speed and clarity you can only find from a fiber connection. 

If you would like to keep your current phone number, please do not cancel your current phone service until your transfer is complete. Your phone service must be up-to-date (active and paid) to transfer your phone number to a new provider.


Here’s what’s at the heart of our new telephone service

Basic calling features that include three-way calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding (and remote access to call forwarding) 

Call Blocking 
Call Return
Distinctive Ring 
Anonymous Call Rejection 
SimRing (Simultaneous Ring) 
Unlisted/Non-Published Telephone Number 
Phone Number change 

Residential User Guides

Calling Features Voice Mail Quick Guide
End User Portal User Guide
Residential Telephone User Manual

International Calling Plan

View Consolidated international calling rates.


Should you need assistance please call 800‐421‐5863.