Board of Trustees

An elected body that serves on behalf of all members.

Consolidated Cooperative’s Board of Trustees is composed of nine members, each representing one of the members of their specific district. The board is responsible for establishing policies, seeing initiatives through and approving items such as work plans, the financial budget, and electric rates.

It is the board’s duty to make decisions that are in the best interest of the cooperative and all of its members. They ensure that the cooperative continues to run with the established principles on which it was built, and they maintain its strategic direction of nonprofit operation and cost-of-service-based rates.

These terms are staggered so that nominations are held each year for three of the nine districts.

Eligibility for potential board members.

Those who wish to run for the Board of Trustees must meet the following qualifications:

  • Has been the member of record for at least three of the most recent prior years;
  • Has not been convicted of, is pleading or has pled guilty to a felony;
  • Is the designated representative of a firm, association, corporation, partnership, body politic or subdivision that is a member;
  • Is a resident in the district that the member wishes to represent;
  • And, is not in any way employed by, has not been an employee within the previous five years or does not have a controlling financial interest in a business that sells or provides a material amount of commodities, products or services to the cooperative or any subsidiary of the cooperative.

The nomination and election process.

Members of Consolidated Cooperative maintain democratic control over who represents their district. The election process begins with the nomination of candidates by members. Nominations are held each year for three of the nine districts, creating staggered terms for those serving.

If you are a member of one of the districts up for nomination, you can expect a nomination ballot to arrive in your mail. The ballot must be postmarked or entered electronically by a specific date. If you are not sure what district you are a member of, please contact us for more information.

Both the nomination and the election ballot will have instructions on how to cast the ballot by mail or electronically. Shortly after the nomination process closes and prior to the Annual Meeting of Members, members will receive an election ballot in the mail with the top three nominees from their district.

The election results are made known at the business meeting at the Annual Meeting of Members.