Frequently Asked Questions

New electric service.

How do I get electric service started?
Call Consolidated Electric Cooperative at (800) 421-5863.

When do I get my deposit back?
A deposit is credited back to a member’s account after paying on time for 12 consecutive months, or it can be credited to the final bill upon closing the account.

Who installs the wire to my meter?
The co-op installs the wire to the meter. The co-op owns and maintains all wires up to the point of service.

How can I get assistance with paying my electric bill?
Contact your county veteran’s office, Community Action program, Job & Family Services, Salvation Army, HelpLine or local church for assistance. A one-time assistance payment with heating bills is also available through the HEAP program. Information on the HEAP program is available online at or by calling (800) 282-0880.

Billing questions.

Where can I pay my bill?
You can mail your payment, pay in person at the office, use one of the convenient drop-off payment boxes located at the two offices shown below. or pay online at You can also pay your bill by signing up for the automatic bill-payment plan and eliminate the bill paying hassle.

Corporate Office
Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
5255 State Route 95
P. O. Box 111
Mount Gilead, OH 43338-0111

District Office
Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
4993 State Route 521
Delaware, OH 43015-8766

Why does my bill seem high this month?
There are many things that can make a bill seem high. Weather changes, increase in the number of people in your household, a change in appliances and even a change in the number of days in the billing cycle can cause your bill to seem higher than normal. Click here for more information.

What is the generation and transmission charge?
The generation and transmission charge is the cost for creating electricity and getting it to Consolidated Electric Cooperative substations via transmission lines that are usually owned by investor-owned utilities.

What is a distribution charge?
The distribution charge is the cost of getting electricity from the substation, over Consolidated Electric Cooperative electric lines and into our members’ homes and businesses.

When I pay a distribution charge and a generation and transmission charge, am I paying two bills?
No, you’re not paying two bills. Your bill has simply been “unbundled” to show you how much it costs to create electricity and get it to the substation, and the cost of getting it from the substation to your home or business.

Is there a service fee when the Co-op does maintenance on my rented security light?
You only pay rent on the co-op owned security lights. All maintenance is done at no charge by Consolidated Electric Cooperative.

Other questions.

What is The People Fund?
The People Fund is part of the Consolidated Electric Foundation, a 501(c) charity that is funded in part by a bill round-up program called Operation Round Up®. There are currently well over 200 such Round Up programs throughout the United States. The People Fund helps individuals in emergency and crisis situations when other forms of help simply aren’t available. The People Fund also helps organizations and agencies to fund new or expanding community service programs that can be of benefit to our communities.

What are capital credits?
Capital credits are an annual allocation of funds that represent your share of ownership in the cooperative. They are the margins, or the money left after expenses, shared by the cooperative’s members, based upon their annual electric usage, their share of contribution to margins and the board’s release of funds based upon the financial strength of the cooperative.

Who is responsible for trimming trees?
The cooperative maintains tree clearance on electric lines that run along the roadways. These lines are not insulated and any contact with tree limbs can cause blinks and/or outages. Tree trimming on secondary wires is the responsibility of the member. Secondary wires run from the transformer to the house, barn or business. Secondary wires are not included in the cooperative’s regular tree-trimming program.

Who is responsible for marking underground wires?
Consolidated Electric Cooperative will mark any of the underground cable that belongs to the co-op at no charge. Member-owned wires (that is, wire installed beyond the meter base) can be located for a fee. You can request a cable locate by calling the cooperative at (800) 421-5863.