No contracts. Lower prices. Same great internet.

Why did Consolidated Fiber lower rates in 2023?

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we are committed to only charging the amount that it takes for us to continue providing excellent service.  

The costs of building and maintaining our network are being shared among more of our residential members than when we first started, so everyone can pay a smaller monthly share. Our lower rates help make our service accessible to more members, which will help us continue maintaining excellent service at this lower cost. 

Why did Consolidated Fiber get rid of contracts?

When we first started, we needed contracts to protect our investments into our fiber-to-the-home network. As Consolidated Fiber grows, it has become clear that residential contracts are no longer necessary – members don’t want to give up our service once they have it!   

Did Consolidated Fiber get faster?

We bumped up the speed of our first two plans – Fiber 100 is now Fiber 300, and Fiber 250 is now Fiber 500! If you were on Fiber 100 or Fiber 250 before this change, we raised your speed to match our new plans.

We decided to make our first two plans faster without raising prices because it’s better for our subscribers, and our fiber-to-the-home network can support the change while maintaining consistent and reliable service for everyone. 

Our Network and Service

What makes a fiber-to-the-home network special?

Fiber internet uses tiny strands of glass to carry data through light waves. Many providers have fiber in their network, but connect to your homes using slower, less reliable methods. We take fiber all the way to your home so that you can get consistent, high speeds, great bandwidth, and extremely reliable service. 

Are there any data caps or best times of use?

No and no – we don’t believe in limiting data or internet use. Our fiber-to-the-home internet network is designed to ensure that your internet stays fast all day, and you never have to worry about using “too much.”  


Are you bringing internet to my area?

If you are a Consolidated Cooperative member, we plan on bringing our high-speed fiber internet to you. We began building our extensive network in 2018 and we are expanding continuously.
If you are not Consolidated Cooperative member, we still encourage you and your neighbors to call in and share your interest. 

How long will it take to build to my location?

The exact timing depends on which step of the process you are in and how large your service area is. The overall construction process can be broken down into phases, each of which has its own steps. Details about each phase and the steps required will be sent to you in the mail before construction begins. 

Are there construction fees to build to my location?

Once you sign-up for service, one of our engineers will check to see if there are additional construction fees to consider. We will alert you to any potential fees before construction begins.  

How much is the activation fee?

The activation fee of $150 will be applied to your first bill. 


How long will the installation take?

In-home installation appointments generally take 1-3 hours, depending on your situation. An adult over the age of 18 must be present during the entire installation.  

What is included with the in-home installation?

Once your home is connected, a Consolidated Fiber technician will help you connect up to four of your existing Wi-Fi-enabled devices, like laptops, tablets, or smartphones. If you need assistance connecting additional devices or systems, we can set up a separate visit to help you. If you have a security system, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to verify your system is compatible with our service.  


Will my phone work if the power is out?

No, your router requires electricity to function. If you have a backup power source such as a generator, your internet and voice connection may stay online, as long as the fiber path remains intact. 

How do I take advantage of all the voice features you offer?  

Please visit our phone service site to learn how to activate voice features.  


How do I report a fiber outage?

First, try unplugging your router for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. If that does not restore your service, visit our fiber outage map to see if there is a known fiber outage in your area. If not, please call our 24/7 tech support at 800-421-5863 and choose option 4.  

How do I reach technical support to set up my devices?

If you need help setting up or connecting streaming devices, smart devices, or other smart home systems, our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to help you. Call 800-421-5863 and choose option 4 to reach our tech support team. 


What is managed Wi-Fi?

Our managed Wi-Fi service allows our fiber technicians to remotely diagnose connection issues, optimize your network, and even recover a forgotten Wi-Fi password. Please note, we can only offer our free managed Wi-Fi service to members who use the state-of-the-art router that we provide. 

Consolidated Wi-Fi router

Your internet comes with a router—your access point for Wi-Fi and hard-wired connections. Your Wi-Fi password and all pertinent information are on the sticker located on your router, which has been calibrated for maximum performance. Please note that adding an alternative router could degrade your home’s service. We recommend using your Consolidated router for all Wi-Fi access. 

Wireless Wi-Fi Mesh Extender

As Wi-Fi signals travel through walls, floors, and even furniture, they lose strength. This means that large homes may have weaker connections in rooms that are far away from your router. Our Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders boost your Wi-Fi to ensure you get the signal strength you need throughout your entire home! When you use the mesh extenders we provide, our techs can troubleshoot the device just like they can with our provided router.  

Can I use my own Wi-Fi equipment?  

For the best experience, we highly recommend using Consolidated-provided equipment for your internet service. You are able to use your own equipment if you prefer, but we cannot offer any assistance in the set-up or troubleshooting of that equipment. 

Change of Service/Cancellation

How do I upgrade or change my plan?

Give us a call at 800-421-5863 and one of our member engagement specialists will be happy to help you change your plan. Plan changes must remain in effect for a minimum of 30 days.  

I’m moving or need to disconnect my service. What should I do?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you’re moving somewhere local, be sure to check if Consolidated Fiber is available at your new home.
You may terminate service by providing us notice in person or by telephone. You are required to return all equipment in the operating condition in which you received it within five days of termination for any reason. Once Consolidated receives the equipment, we will close your account and process your final bill.
Review the Consolidated Terms and Conditions for more information and call us at 800-421-5863 for complete instructions on disconnecting and returning the equipment. 

Consolidated Fiber – FAQ


How do I set my account up online?

When you registered for service, you created a login through SmartHub, our online payment portal. By setting up and accessing your online account, you can quickly view account balances, make a payment, manage your payment methods, and check your account history. If you have any questions regarding paying your account through SmartHub, call our team at 800-421-5863 for help.  

Will I receive a paper bill in the mail?

Yes, your Consolidated bill will be mailed to you. If you would like to sign up for paperless billing, you can choose that option through your SmartHub account or call us at 800-421-5863.  

Why is my first bill so high?

Your first bill may include prorated service charges, the cost of any additional devices, and the one-time costs associated with connecting your home to fiber. Since we bill one month in advance for fiber service, your first bill could cover over two months of service, depending on the timing of your installation.